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by Rayna

Sunscreen Vs Natural Oils

I always found it odd that we use carcinogens to avoid getting sunburnt, in order to avoid cancer. The logic is flawed. But I also know that getting sunburnt is a real risk and one needs to take precautions in order to avoid it. In an ideal world there would be a tested, reliable sunscreen that was made with all natural ingredients and that didn't contain numerous toxins and carcinogens. But these items are few and far between, and the ones I have found contain ingredients that I'm sensitive to, like bees wax and corn.

5 Common Household Items That Double As Natural Face Cleansers
by Rayna
Did you know that beauty products, even ones labeled organic and all natural, have ingredients in them that are linked to cancer, hormonal imbalances, immune dysfunction and more?

Most people are aware of how contaminated the U.S. food system is, however I've found that a large portion of the population has no clue what they're absorbing through their skin every time they jump in the shower or wash their face.

drinking lemon water digestion and detoxification
by Rayna
You've probably heard that drinking lemon water every morning is beneficial to your health. It's not a new idea, but I'm a fan of asking WHY. Why is drinking lemon water good for you?

There are easily a dozen different benefits of drinking lemon water, but the two I feel are most important are its aid in both digestion and detoxification.